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At the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC in Würzburg, individual material solutions for a wide range of applications are developed on the basis of a unique combination of materials, processing, application and analytical know-how.

For the production of the future, researchers are working on energy- and resource-efficient processes. Shortages of raw materials, competitive pressure and a shortage of skilled workers are just some of the many challenges facing the manufacturing industry. With a view to the efficient use of resources and energy, the institute focuses on the use of renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials as well as intelligent and sustainable processes.  

In addition to contract research and development, the ISC also offers production-accompanying analytics and characterization, process optimization, equipment construction, and the upscaling of manufacturing and processing methods to pilot scale.

News from Fraunhofer ISC


International Symposium

»Biofabrication meets Infection«

The international symposium on the to­pics of biofabrication and complex tissue models will be held in Wuerzburg from Nov. 23-25, 2022.


nature communications / 6.9.2022

The role of concentration in electrolyte solutions for non-aqueous lithium-based batteries

Dr. Guinevere Giffin


Bonding for Recycling

Benefits of inductively heatable particles when bonding materials, especially for subsequent separability or recycling


How can working with H2 become safer?

Researchers at the ISC and FAU in Erlangen faced this complex task. The result of their joint work are so-called supraparticles that make invisible hydrogen gas visible to the bare eye within seconds - without electricity and complex measuring devices. Hydrogen sensors can detect even low concentrations of the gas, for example in the event of leaks in a gas pipeline, before devastating accidents can occur.

Fields of expertise at Fraunhofer ISC


Center for High Temperature Materials and Design HTL

The HTL develops high-temperature materials, components and measurement methods and thus optimizes thermal processes.


Fraunhofer Translational Center Regenerative Therapies TLC-RT

The TLC-RT develops new cell based tissue models / test systems, prototypes and biological vascularized implants.


Center of Device ­Development CeDeD

The Center of Device Development CeDeD develops, designs and builds special scientific devices and research systems according to individual customer requirements.

Press Releases


Antiviral effect of plant extracts –
proof with in vitro cell cultures successful

Can virus replication really be influenced by plant extracts? Researchers at the Fraunhofer Translational Center for Regenerative Therapies at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC and at the Institute of Virology and Immunobiology at the Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg have investigated this question.
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Awarded: DFG Animal Welfare Prize for the Fraunhofer Translational Center for Regenerative Therapies

This year's winners of the Ursula M. Händel Animal Welfare Prize of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft have been determined. As the DFG has now announced, the team from the Fraunhofer Translational Center for Regenerative Therapies (TLZ-RT) and the University of Würzburg will be honored for its research into alternatives to animal testing based on cell-based tissue models, and will share the 80,000 euro prize with Dr. Michael K. Melzer from the University of Ulm.
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EIT Culture & Creativity - a game changing organisation for a prosperous Europe

The consortium Innovation by Creative Economy (ICE) is coordinated by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Today, it was selected by the Governing Board of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) as a new Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) in the cultural and creative sectors. The European partnership EIT Culture & Creativity aims to support students and start-ups to generate innovative products and processes in the creative industries and for the cultural heritage sector.
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Case study shows: Robots in Nanoparticle Production - Reliable, Fast and Safe

What otherwise takes hours in the laboratory, involves annoying waiting times and many sources of error, can now be accomplished by a robot in less time, well digitally documented and with high reproducibility. Automation of synthesis processes for nanoparticles can be a milestone for the use of new therapeutic and diagnostic medical devices – and at the same time increase occupational safety and relieve highly qualified laboratory personnel from monotonous routines.
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Annual Reports

In our annual reports you will find information on selected research activities as well as facts and figures about Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research.




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Fairs and Events


Workshop »Cascade reactions«

In our online workshop on January 26, 2023, we will introduce our technology and present how to use cascade reactions for the continuous synthesis of fine chemicals.
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Biofabrication meets Infection

PhD students of the SFB/TRR 225 Collaborative Research Centre “Biofabrication” and the GRK2157 "3D Infect" research group are organizing an amazing joint international symposium "Biofabrication meets Infection", which will take place on the 23 – 25. November 2022 at the Rudolf Virchow Center in Wuerzburg (Germany). Numerous high-profile speakers have already confirmed their participation. This international conference will focus primarily on topics of biofabrication and complex tissue models.
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CellME 2022

Empowering breakthroughs for life: At the CellME Forum, you can meet providers of advanced solutions for cell manufacturing technologies, gene- and cell-based therapies, and regenerative medicine, share expertise, and see research facilities in operation.
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In addition to preserving cultural heritage, the KIC-ICE will also offer opportunities for cultural professionals in the region. Fraunhofer ISC therefore cordially invites you to a partner event in Würzburg. We would be delighted if you would join us in celebrating this success for cultural creators and preservationists.
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