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Fraunhofer ISC 2/2018

In our current release of our newsletter you gain insights about the intellegent recycling of batteries
and the concluding event of "Grünes Gewölbe".
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AutoBatRec2020: Smart Recycling of Waste Traction Batteries from Electric Vehicles

The collaborative project “AutoBatRec2020” sets out to re-assess the entire battery recycling chain. Every aspect will be under investigation, from the collection of waste batteries to all available materials separation and recovery methods up to the re-use of recycled materials in new batteries.

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SOLID – Research at the heart of electromobility

No chance without them: High-performance batteries are the key to electromobility. And the market is growing. Europe expects to see a lot more of electric vehicles by 2030.

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Faster, lighter, better: “AddESun” A New Generation of Lead-Acid Batteries

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Press Releases


Smart glass on the way to the front - the 12th ICCG in Würzburg shows new trends for glass and plastic

Glass windows, which can also act as displays and play a current information, resource-saving lightweight membrane cushion construction with highly functionalized films or the future of packaging materials – at the "12 ICCG - International Conference on coatings on glass and plastics" in Würzburg, Germany 280 experts from industry and academia discussed these possible future trends. More than 30 exhibitors at the accompanying exhibition in the Würzburg Congress Center showed what can already be achieved with functional coatings today. Exhibitors included the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC with highlights such as electrically colorable windows, printed sensors and biodegradable coatings for compostable packaging films.
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100 percent precision – efficient calibration and marking of laboratory glassware

Precise volumetric glassware is essential equipment in the laboratory. They are permanently dimensionally stable, resistant to many chemicals and easy to clean. For the precise calibration/adjustment of laboratory glassware, Fraunhofer ISC’s Center for Device Development CeDeD has developed in cooperation with laboratory glassware manufacturers various semi-automatic devices that work reliably, quickly and mercury-free. These calibration devices are supplemented by a new development of the Fraunhofer ISC, the MFD (Marking Firing Device). This allows calibration marks on volumetric flasks to be burned in quickly and reliably without a furnace. The prototype will be presented for the first time at ACHEMA 2018.
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“AutoBatRec2020”: Smart Recycling of Waste Traction Batteries from Electric Vehicles – EU Funding for New Resource-Efficient Solution

Today‘s electromobility consumes large amounts of traction batteries, preferably high-performance lithium-ion batteries. These batteries contain valuable raw materials and should not be discarded as waste at the end of their life. Efficient recycling requires closed materials loops and a logistic solution capable of growing along with the increasing number of waste batteries from more and more electric vehicles. The research project »Automotive Battery Recycling 2020« which was launched earlier this year with EU-funding from EIT RawMaterials sets out to identify efficient recycling routines that are ecologically sound, economically viable and readily transferable to industrial scale. The overall aim is to improve the EU-wide recycling chain and add to a secure supply of raw materials through the recovery of valuable materials from waste streams.
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Faster, lighter, better:
“AddESun” A New Generation of Lead-Acid Batteries

Whether in use as starter battery in vehicles, as power back-up or for the storage of energy from renewable sources: Lead-acid batteries are among the oldest and most common battery systems in Germany. About 200 000 tons of them come to market each year. And their disposal is excellently organized: in Germany, waste batteries undergo a well-established recycling by manufacturers and processors. But the turnaround in German energy policy is posing new demands on electrochemical energy storage systems. Electric vehicles and stationary storage units for photovoltaic systems, for instance, look for long service lives and high power densities. The battery experts of the Fraunhofer R&D Center Electromobility Bavaria located at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC now joined forces with a consortium of partners from industry and research to shape up this old system and make it fit for the future.
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Fairs and Events


AchemAsia 2019

From 21 to 23 Mai 2019 Fraunhofer ISC will be exhibting within the German Group at ArabLab in Shanghai. Among other items, the Center of Device Development CeDeD will present the AQUAJUST®, a semi-automatic volumetric adjustment device for flasks and measuring cylinders.
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Techtextil 2019

From 14 to 17 May 2019, Fraunhofer ISC’s Center Smart Materials CeSMa will be exhibiting at Techtextil in Frankfurt. At the joint booth of Bayern Innovativ we will show integrated sensors in an office chair which can provide haptic feedback to the user.
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IDTechEx 2019

Fraunhofer ISC will be exhibiting at IDTechEx 2019 in Berlin from 10 to 11 April 2019. There we will show functional elastomers, printed sensors, electrochromic materials and flexible barrier coatings.
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European Coatings Show 2019

At European Coatings Show from 19 to 21 March 2019, Fraunhofer ISC will be exhibiting in Nuremberg. There we will present our portfolio from particle and additive development to upscaling and layer analysis. We also show biodegradable coatings for food packaging, an environmentally-friendly galvanizing process for plastics, and anti-stick coatings that prevent dust from sticking.
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  • Bioactive Materials
  • Particles
  • Coatings and Lacquers
  • Smart Materials
  • Electrochromic Systems


  • 3D-Structuring
  • Electrodes and Cell Production
  • Fiber Manufacturing and Processing
  • Thermal Processes
  • Glass Processing


  • Batteries
  • Biotechnology and Pharma
  • Electronics
  • Sensors and Actuators
  • Textile and Leather Finishing


  • Battery and Cell Testing
  • Bioanalysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Materials Analysis