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This EU-funded project opens up new opportunities to improve the sustainability of high-voltage batteries.

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As parent institute to quite a number of different entities, the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC in Wuerzburg is privileged to combine first-rate expertise in materials science with long-standing experience in materials processing, application and analysis.

The Institute focuses on effordable health care and regenerative therapies, on resource and energy efficiency, and on sustainability, emphasizing the use of regrowing and economically friendly raw materials, the avoidance of critical materials as well as on smart and sustainable processing techniques. In addition to contract R&D, the Fraunhofer ISC can provide analytical services up into production, perform characterization tasks, optimize processes, design customized devices and undertake the upscaling of production and processing techniques to pilot scale.


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Battery 2030+: Inventing the Sustainable Batteries of the Future


Fraunhofer Translational Center Regenerative Therapies

New cell-based tissue models and test systems, scalable production processes and biological vascularized implants.


Project TheraVision – Innovative therapy against cancer

In the "TheraVision" project, five Fraunhofer Institutes have set themselves the goal of establishing a widely applicable platform technology for an innovative, sustainable cancer therapy that combines cancer-killing viruses and immunotherapy. The activation of the immune system against the degenerated tumor cells is a novel promising therapeutic approach.

Press Releases


Battery 2030+: Inventing the Sustainable Batteries of the Future

The European large-scale research initiative BATTERY 2030+ presents the long-term research roadmap that outlines the actions needed to invent the sustainable batteries of the future.
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100 percent precision – efficient calibration and marking of laboratory glassware

The design and construction of specialized research tools and customized devices for accurate calibration of laboratory glass has a 30 year tradition at the Fraunhofer ISC. The focus is on calibration as well as the detection of production failures with 100 percent reliability and precision. Meet us at the German Pavilion on Arab Lab 2020 from 16 – 18 March, Booth 417.
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New ways to avoid animal testing –
Human 3D Tissue Models Conference in Würzburg

Around 60 international experts met on November 7 at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC in Würzburg to report on the state of the art in the field of 3D tissue models and prevention of animal experiments in the development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The Forum MedTech Pharma and the Fraunhofer Translational Center for Regenerative Therapies TLC-RT had invited to the conference, which is scheduled to take place annually.
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Switch2save: A leap forward in smart windows and glass façades for highly efficient energy management using novel switching technologies

In modern architecture, large-area glazing is a continuing trend because of its appearance and design variety. Large southwards-oriented windows help to reduce the energy demand for heating in winter. However, large-area glazing may significantly increase the energy demand for cooling and air-conditioning in hot summers. Smart Glass Solutions – such as electrochromic (EC) and thermochromic (TC) windows and glass façades –control the radiation energy transfer with the "touch of a button" and thus can drastically reduce the energy demands for heating and air conditioning of large buildings. In addition, they allow superior indoor lighting comfort in contrast to conventional mechanical window blinds. On 1st October 2019, the EU-funded initiative "Switch2save" was launched to improve the availability and affordability of EC and TC smart glass technologies. The consortium of ten partners from research and industry will demonstrate the energy saving potential of smart glass solutions in two fully-operational buildings.
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Here you will find our scientific publications, specialist information (e.g. flyers) and annual reports.


Annual Reports

In our annual reports you will find reports on selected research activities as well as facts and figures about Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research.




Fairs and Events


ArabLab 2020

We will present the AQUAJUST, a computer-controlled calibration device for calibrating volumetric instruments (volumetric flasks, graduated cylinders) and the Marking Firing Device (MFD) for burning enamel marks on calibrated volumetric flasks. PLease visit our booth to learn more about our thermo-optical measuring systems. We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth 417.
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SID Display Week 2020

The Fraunhofer ISC will be exhibiting at the SID Display Week from June 9 - 11, 2020, in San Francisco. The exhibition will include touch screen solutions for flexible displays, new materials for backplanes, diffractive optical elements (DOE) and scattering layers for light management.
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Woche der Umwelt 2020

POSTPONED to 2021!! New date will be announced. In cooperation with the Deutschen Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU), Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier invites to the "Woche der Umwelt" in his Berlin office. The Fraunhofer ISC participates at the exhibition in the park of Bellevue Palace. We will present biodegradable functional materials for environmentally friendly packaging solutions (bioORMOCER®) developed at the ISC. We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth.
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IDTechEx 2020

POSTPONED!! New date will be announced. The Fraunhofer ISC will be exhibiting at IDTechEx 2020 in Berlin. According to the booth motto »Material innovations for smart solutions«, we will present functional elastomers which can act as wearable technology in textiles as sensors or actuators. Furthermore, printed sensors, modifiable magnetic particles, nanoparticles for gas detection integrated into smoke detectors and flexible barrier coatings will be presented. We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth D05.
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