Processing for Coating, Structuring and Material Manufacturing

State-of-the-art equipment and processing technologies are available at the Fraunhofer ISC for the modification, finishing or functionalization of materials and for the pilot-scale production of materials or the upscaling of processes. All our processes are designed to be cost-, energy- and resource-efficient, from laboratory to pilot scale production. The Institute also offers consulting on the optimization of existing processes.

3D Structuring

Resource efficient production of customized special components and manufacturing components using modern additive manufacturing methods.

Additive Manufacturing

Production of hybrid polymers, ceramics, metal-ceramics and metallic components.

Coating Procedures

Industrial processing, upscaling
of the material synthesis and
transfer of the coatings to the
pilot scale.

Electrodes and
Cell Production

Manufacturing of modern and high-performance electrodes and cells for future battery systems - with special focus on Li-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Fiber Manufacturing
and Processing

Materials development and optimization of processes for fiber production and processing.

Forming Processes

Wide range of forming processes for different materials, dimensions and geometries.

Glass Processing

Core competencies in the development, manufacturing and characterization of special glasses and glass ceramics.

Lacquer Production

Development of environmentally friendly, multifunctional coating systems for various applications and substrates such as glass, plastics, textiles, leather, paper or metal.

Particle Technology

Development and production of
customized particle systems,
as well as their upscaling and analysis
using high-end equipment.

Thermal Processes

Many years of experience in the analysis and optimization of heat treatment processes and in the thermal characterization of materials.

Upscaling and
Pilot Scale Production

Upscaling the production and processing of newly developed materials and products from laboratory scale to production.