Composite Materials

Composites combine the properties of their constituent materials in a novel material of different profile. Composites are usually developed to improve the mechanical properties of a given material. The Fraunhofer ISC designs and optimizes reinforcing components like fibers or particles as well as respective matrix materials and interfaces, i.e. coatings for the interfaces between matrix material and reinforcing component.

The focus is on Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) for technical applications and on reinforcing components – fibers and particles – for applications in medicine and biotechnology.

Current R&D priorities

  • Ceramic composites:
    • Oxide fiber reinforced oxide ceramics (O-CMC)
    • Carbon fiber reinforced SiC (C/SiC)
    • Silicon carbide reinforced SiC (SiC/SiC)
  • Components:
    • Ceramic fibers
    • Silica gel fibers
    • Functional micro and nano particles

Our competencies

  • Vast array of standard measuring and testing methods and of forming processes (2D and 3D)
  • Development of thermooptical measuring tools (TOM) required to optimize thermal processes
  • Modification of material properties and surfaces
  • Processing and upscaling of particle syntheses up to 100 liters


Our services to customers

  • Materials design – Matrix materials, reinforcing fibers and particle synthesis
  • Components design
  • Manufacturing and processing, incl. textile fiber processing
  • Upscaling to pilot scale


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