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Today, small or very small particles are an indispensable component of many modern materials in almost all areas of technology. Particles can be structured in such a way that they combine several functions or properties, such as magnetism, electrical or thermal conductivity, luminescence, catalytic activity or flame retardancy. Particle treatment not only improves material properties but also opens up completely new applications.


Further information about particle technology

You can find out more about particle systems and developments on the Particle Technology website and for medical and biological questions on the Theranostics website.


Focus areas

  • Complex, multifunctional particles
  • Magnetic particles
  • Silica particles (e.g. MAGSILICA®)
  • Titanium, zirconium, zinc and perovskite oxidesHollow particles/capsules
  • Core-shell particles
  • Layer particles
  • Fluorescent particles
  • Surface functionalized nanoparticles


  • 100 litre stirred reactor
  • Continuous ultrasonic reactor
  • Semi-continuous centrifuge
  • Spray drying plant
  • Continuous flow ball mill
  • Magnetic particle drum separator
  • Encapsulation plant
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Glass autoclave
  • Fluidized bed reactor



  • Development of tailor-made
    particle systems
  • Production, adaptation and processing
    of micro- and nanoparticles
  • Upscaling on a large
    Litre/kilogram scale
  • (In-situ) analysis using high-end equipment
  • Comprehensive material know-how

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