Lacquer Production – Multifunctional lacquers for plastic, glass, textiles and metal

The Fraunhofer ISC develops eco-friendly multifunctional lacquer systems for all kinds of applications and substrates, including glass, plastic, textiles, leather, paper and metal. Basic materials are sol-gel materials or modified inorganic-organic hybrid polymers (ORMOCER®), which are cost-efficient to produce and easy to process in simple industrial standard procedures. 


Current R&D priorities

  • Barrier lacquers for plastic and paper packaging
  • Biodegradable barrier coatings for packaging solutions (bioORMOCER®)
  • Scratch resistant lacquer systems for plastic
  • Dust repellent, anti-reflective or color coatings for glass
  • Corrosion protection coatings for metal surfaces or glass
  • Easy-to-clean-, anti-fingerprint- and anti-graffiti coatings for plastic
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic lacquer systems
  • Finishing lacquers for textiles and leather (e.g. antimicrobial, antistatic, flame retarding, non-fade, abrasion resistant properties) – InnoSolTEX®
  • Electrochromic lacquer systems for smart shading solutions for glass and plastic materials
  • Eco-friendly coatings to galvanize plastic components


Available procedures

  • Batch synthesis up to 100 liter
  • Dip coating
  • Roll-to-roll coating under cleanroom conditions (cleanroom class 100 000)
  • Roller mill (flexible and rigid substrates), spray coating, spin coating


Our services to customers

The Institute offers contract syntheses of customer specific lacquer systems matching target manufacturing and processing methods, substrates, specifications and applications. In addition, related surface and coating analysis and characterizations are available. Other services include the testing of lacquer systems and their upscaling to pilot scale. The developed lacquers can also be synthesized in an industrial scale by cooperation partners of Fraunhofer ISC.


Further information

Read more on the materials class of ORMOCER®.


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