Upscaling and Pilot Scale Production

There are many challenges to overcome for new products on their way from first development to actual production. The Fraunhofer ISC offers full support to partners and customers for the upscaling of all processes from lab to pilot scale and into production. Comprehensive analyses are available at all stages. Upscaling may also be possible at the Institute owing to the excellent technical infrastructure available at all Fraunhofer ISC sites for the synthesis and pilot-scale production of materials.


Current R&D priorities

  • Materials synthesis
  • Particle synthesis
  • Glass melting and casting
  • Fiber production
  • Coating

Our competencies

  • Precursor, sol-gel and lacquer synthesis up to the 100 l scale
  • Particle synthesis (nano and micro) and semi-continuous separation at kg scale
  • Fiber production and processing (fleece or textile fabrics) at pilot scale
  • Roll-to-roll coating for test and pilot operation (5 m/min, coating width 0.5 m)
  • Electric dip coating (test unit)
  • Glass melting at 5 liter scale
  • Design and construction of pilot plants
  • Near-GMP infrastructure for respective tasks
  • Accompanying analyses and process optimization
  • Synthesis and development of multifunctional silanes


Our services to customers

  • Assessment of alternative solutions in terms of energy, cost and resource efficiency
  • Simulation and calculation of process parameters for production scale
  • Analysis and optimization of processes
  • Tailor-made device development
  • Consulting


Expert information

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