Architecture and Construction

The Fraunhofer ISC develops novel materials and processes for use in construction and architecture to advance building technology with a view to better energy efficiency and smarter indoor climate control and thermal management.


Current R&D priorities

Functional coatings may provide extra benefits to architectural glazings of e.g. office buildings, hospitals, schools, or nursing homes:

  • Dust-repellent coatings for window panes
  • Window pane coatings that improve the transmission of the blue portion of incident light and so enhance concentration ability and well-being
  • Electrochromic window pane coatings or films offer anti-glare protection, regulate lighting conditions and indoor temperature and so reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning systems

Novel sensors, construction materials and additives tailored by the Fraunhofer ISC help control indoor climates and promote building safety:

  • Highly porous glass flakes in plasters or wall paints regulate indoor humidity through their absorption and desorption behavior
  • Novel flame retarding additives improve conventional flame retardants
  • Encapsulation solutions allow a controlled release of chemicals in construction materials
  • Sensors monitor glass façades to predict glass breakage
  • Glass dosimeters monitor climate conditions (temperature, relative humidity, corrosive gas, light exposure)
  • Coated sensors monitor indoor CO2 concentration
  • High-temperature, ultrasonic transducers (special glass solders with piezoelectric materials) detect structural damages and fractures in components made of steel, glass or carbon fiber composites
  • Simulation and forecasting software to analyze climate change effects on buildings (EU funded project "Climate for Culture")
  • Intelligent light management through scattering layers for LEDs


Our services to customers

  • Development of functional coatings (dust repellent, anti-fingerprint, anti-reflective, shading) according to customer specification
  • Concept and product development for climate and environmental monitoring of buildings or indoors
  • Development of particles and specialty glass for use in functional construction materials
  • Development of sensors and sensor concepts for target applications
  • Comprehensive analysis and testing of construction materials like polymers, ceramics, glass or concrete


Further information

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