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The Fraunhofer ISC with its R&D Center Electromobility Bavaria works to develop or optimize battery materials and processes for efficient stationary or mobile energy storage systems. In close cooperation with industry, the R&D Center for Electromobility investigates promising materials for electrodes, electrolytes, and other cell components and designs new methods for their manufacturing and processing up to pilot scale. The Center uses state-of-the-art high-end technology for comprehensive analyses of cell components and batteries.

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Fraunhofer R&D Center Electromobility Bavaria

Current R&D areas

  • Lithium-ion batteries (LiB)
    i. a. modification of high-energy cathodes and anodes, solid-state electrolytes
  • Metal-air batteries 
    i. a. development of catalysts, design of interfaces
  • Lead-acid batteries (LAB) 
    i. a. additives for electrode masses


  • Development of battery cell materials and components
  • Process development
  • Battery and cell manufacturing
  • Modern test methods and high-end equipment for new and aged battery cells (e.g. accelerated cell aging)
  • Comparative test methods, e. g. for laboratory cells and aged cells or different prototypes


The EU funded project ECO COM'BAT opens up a new approach to enhance sustainability of high-voltage batteries. Electromobility sets challenging technical requirements for new high-performance batteries – cruising range, life span, safety, or charging times. But an intrinsic challenge is the resource need for a growing number of big car batteries, so new, more sustainable material concepts have to be developed.

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