Sol-Gel Materials

Based on conventional sol-gel chemistry and following the REACH regulations, the Fraunhofer ISC synthesizes precursors for non-metallic inorganic materials. Of particular interest whenever it comes to tunable property profiles are the Institute’s self-developed inorganic-organic hybrid polymers. They unite the benefits of glass, polymers and silicones all in one material.


Current R&D priorities

  • Multifunctional silanes with tunable properties
  • Surface technology: Functional coatings, such as
    • Biodegradable hybrid polymers (bioORMOCER®) for packaging solutions
    • Structurable coatings with defined electrical and optical properties
    • Dust repellent and anti-reflective coatings for solar panels
    • Self-cleaning window pane coatings
    • Window pane coatings particularly transmissive to light in the blue part of the spectrum to improve wellbeing and concentration ability
    • Finishing solutions providing protective properties or additional functions, suitable for various substrates like glass, plastic, metal, leather and textiles
    • Ceramic high temperature protection coatings
  • Materials for use in regenerative medicine, such as
  • Sol-gel precursors for particle and fiber production, e.g.
    • Functionalized particles with special surface modifications
    • Inorganic-organic hollow fibers with adjustable mechanical properties
    • Pre-ceramic precursors for ceramic reinforcing fibers

Our competencies

  • Rich experience in the development of inorganic-organic hybrid polymers (ORMOCER®) and sol-gel materials with tunable property profiles for various substrates including glass, plastics, textiles, leather, metal and paper
  • Vast array of structuring, curing and processing procedures
  • Multifunctional sol-gel technology coating systems and other coating methods


Our services to customers

  • Materials development and adaption to target application and processing requirements
  • Development of biocompatible and biodegradable materials
  • Functionalization of materials and surfaces
  • Analysis, characterization and quality control of materials, surfaces, interfaces and products, failure analysis
  • Materials synthesis and upscaling to industrial production
  • Consulting on technology transfer and implementation in production environments  

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