Battery and Cell Testing – How to make Batteries more efficient and long-lasting

Focus Areas

  • Battery and cell tests
  • Analyses for evaluation and
  • monitoring of operating conditions,
  • service life and charging behaviour
  • Tests for the localization of chemical changes
  • Post mortem analyses for
    determination of ageing processes


  • Laboratory and industrial-scale tests:
    350 test channels, up to 600 A,
    -40 °C to +80 °C
  • Analytical methods (e.g. cell ageing) and comparative measurements
  • Characterization of cells in protective gas atmosphere
  • Cyclisation under extreme conditions
    environmental conditions
  • Sample preparation for artifact free


  • Testing of new materials or
    battery systems
  • Data for simulation models for
    development of new battery cells
  • Comparative tests for prototypes
  • Construction of measuring cells
    evaluation of existing battery
    technologies for optimization the
    production yield
  • Creation of a solid database for
    optimization or development
  • Advice on the choice of material and/or component selection

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