Glass Processing

For use in industrial glass manufacturing and processing, the Fraunhofer ISC has developed a number of fast and reliable methods for the in-situ characterization of glass during melting, heat treatment and shaping processes. For customer-specific applications, we also process specialty glass into semifinished products in the form of rods, tubes, powders, frits and fibers. In addition, we offer consulting services in the field of glass and glass contact materials. The Glass and Mineral Materials Unit is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Current R&D priorities

  • Production of specialty glass in the form of semifinished products (powders, frits, pastes, rods, blocks)
  • Shaping from the melt (mould and slot casting)
  • Drawing of re-heated glass
  • Heat treatment
  • Process monitoring and controlling of thermal conditions during the bending of flat glass


Our competencies

  • Coordination of processing parameters and property profiles of specialty glass
  • Development of methods to monitor temperatures during melting and bending processes
  • Development of methods to characterize glass melts (viscosity, wetting, blister formation, mass loss)
  • Process simulation and analysis
  • Materials analysis and quality control
  • Characterization of components


Our services to customers

  • Adjustment of material properties
  • Special measuring method for thermal process monitoring during hot forming
  • Design and construction of pilot plants
  • Semifinished products ranging from 100 g up to 100 kg (rods with a length of up to 1 meter, blocks with volumes of up to 5 liters)
  • In-situ characterization
  • Glass analysis
  • RAL and EUCEB verification of mineral fibers (the Center of Applied Analytics is accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025)

Further information

Learn more about specialty glass from the Fraunhofer ISC.


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