The Fraunhofer ISC develops materials and processing methods for all kinds of applications across all industries and sectors. In close cooperation with our customers and partners from industry and R&D organizations we develop sustainable product solutions with high value added. Our advanced technical infrastructure allows application-driven research up to industrial scale.


and Construction

Conception and development of materials
and processes for innovative building
technologies with focus on energy efficiency and smart thermal management.


Industry-oriented developments for
numerous applications in the
automotive sector, starting with
functional coatings and sensors up to
innovative material developments.


Development and optimization of
battery materials and processes
for efficient stationary and mobile
energy storage.

Medical technology,
Biotechnology, Pharma

Multidisciplinary research and development with state-of-the-art research infrastructure for tomorrow's medical devices.

Dental Applications

Many years of experience in the
implementation of dental materials
and new manufacturing processes
for high-quality and cost-effective dentures.


Successful materials development
in the field of micro electronics to
realize high-performance components
and to prepare technical advances.


Intelligent technologies for thermal
management and efficient energy
storage and conversion systems.

Films and Packaging

Development of functional layers for paper and plastic packaging that meet individual customer requirements.

Industry 4.0 /

Automation of development steps and
manufacturing processes for higher cost
efficiency and process reliability.


Increasing the efficiency of LEDs, OLEDs,
solar cells or displays through the
development of inorganic or hybrid layers.

and Recycling

Development of future-proof raw material
and recycling concepts based on our
extensive material know-how. Use of
sustainable raw materials for modern
material solutions.


Sensors and Actuators

New functionalities, product designs and
operating concepts as well as application
possibilities in the automotive, mechanical
and plant engineering, health and sports medicine and textile sectors.


Coating solutions from material
and process development to custom
synthesis of lacquer systems and quality
management in the production process.

Textile and
Leather Finishing

Optimization of natural material properties through surface treatments and coatings.