As a materials research institute, the Fraunhofer ISC develops innovative, functional and sustainable materials for industry-related applications. The focus is on glass, glass ceramics, ceramics, plastics – especially inorganic-organic hybrid polymers – as well as sol-gel materials, particles and smart materials.

Battery Materials

Material and component development
for current and future batteries.

Bioactive Materials

Development of intelligent, biohybrid
materials and transfer of the corresponding
manufacturing technology into an
economical production process.


Ceramic Materials

Research and development in the field
of oxidic and non-oxidic special ceramics
and ceramic composites.

Coatings and Lacquers

Many years of experience in the
development of inorganic and hybrid
materials and in the optimization of
coating processes.

Composite Materials

Development and optimization of
reinforcing components such as fibres
or particles, the associated matrix materials
and interfaces, i.e. coatings for interfaces
between matrix and reinforcement.

Electrochromic Systems

Innovative electrochromic systems and
tailor-made coating technologies for
efficient lighting control.

Glass and
Glass Ceramics

Development, production and
characterization of special glasses and
glass ceramics.




Know-how on synthesis, functionalization
and further processing of ORMOCER® (inorganic-organic hybrid polymers).


Customized development and
production of multifunctional
micro- and nanoparticles.

Polymers / ORMOCER®

Optimization and refinement of polymers
and their manufacturing processes through
multifunctional coatings and additives.


Tailor-made material solutions for special
applications in the fields of automotive,
electronics, engineering, aerospace,
energy and medicine.

Smart Materials

The Center Smart Materials and
Adaptive Systems CeSMA focuses on
the development of adaptive materials
that become »smart« through
additional functions.


Sol-Gel Materials

Based on classical sol-gel chemistry,
the Fraunhofer ISC synthesizes precursors
for non-metallic, inorganic materials using
environmentally friendly, REACH-compliant materials.