Smart Materials

Smart Materials are magnetically or electrically controllable materials with outstanding mechanical properties. These materials play an increasingly important role in the development of innovative, versatile and efficient products. For many years the Center Smart Materials and Adaptive Systems CeSMA has been developing such adaptive materials that become "intelligent" or "smart" through additional functions. The aim is to systematically open up the application potential of different smart materials for customers across all industries in order to generate better, lighter, more powerful or more energy-efficient products with a wide range of new functions.


Base materials

  • Magnetorheological and electrorheological fluids
  • Magnetorheological elastomers
  • Piezoelectric materials
  • Electro-active polymers
  • Materials with controlled optical transmission

Range of application

  • Controllable shock and vibration absorbers
  • Vibration sensors / ultrasound transducers to monitor construction components
  • Electrically controllable clutches and brakes
  • Haptic interfaces for control panels
  • Actuators for mechatronic applications
  • Converters for self-powered sensors
  • Flexible and elastic sensors


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