Films and Packaging

Paper and plastic packagings accompany us each and every day for food items, medications or cosmetic products. The demands placed on their functional properties have increased steadily since their introduction into the market. The Fraunhofer ISC has long-standing experience with the development of functional films for paper and plastic packaging that meet the specific requirements of individual customers.

Current R&D priorities

  • Innovative barrier solutions against gases, vapors, flavorings, odorants, plasticizers, migrating monomers, etc. for films and packaging made of plastics
  • Biologically degradable functional lacquers (bioORMOCER®) for films and packaging made of plastics:
    • Time-controllable biological degradation
    • Very good barrier properties against water vapor, oxygen, flavorings, plasticizers
    • Antimicrobial efficacy
  • Functional coatings for packaging made of paper or cardboard to protect from gases, water, oils, fats and abrasion
  • Smart packaging solutions with sensor (e.g. oxygen ingress) or other active (e.g. scavenger) functions


Benefits of barrier materials

  • Thermally and chemically stable
  • Transparent
  • Resistant to bending
  • Processing at mild reaction conditions
  • Roll-to-roll processing
  • Long workability
  • Combination of multiple functions in one system (if they are combinable)


Our services to customers

  • Feasibility studies on the suitability of our systems for given materials
  • Tailored adaptation of existing materials solutions to customer requirements
  • Production of extensive lacquer quantities (up to 100 kg)
  • Licensing
  • New developments
  • Analysis and testing of coating materials
  • Contract coating on pilot plants
  • Process development and upscaling

Further information

Find out more about our barrier coatings and lacquers on our barrier website.


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