Electrodes and Cell Production

The Fraunhofer ISC develops high performance electrodes for the battery systems of tomorrow. Prototypes or small batches of battery cells are manufactured on demand. The main focus is on lithium-ion (polymer and solid state) and lead-acid batteries.


Development of and production technologies for

  • Different cell types, from typical laboratory coin cells to pouch cells for industrial use
  • High-energy cathodes
  • Lead-/carbon electrodes
  • Cathode-catholyte composites


Our competencies

  • Advanced process and production technologies for cell manufacturing on laboratory and pilot scale:
    • Doctor blade
    • Batch or continuous calendaring
    • Manual stacking or Z-folding
    • Sol-gel synthesis
  • Energy and cost efficient coating techniques such as spray and dip coating, slot-dye coating, tape casting, large-area and continuous roll-to-roll coating


Our services to customers

  • High-precision and reproducible cell manufacturing according to customer specification
  • Cell manufacturing for evaluation purposes of different material compositions and cell types
  • Cell manufacturing for screening, testing, and analysis purposes
  • Development of electrodes, electrolytes, active coating materials, additives, binders and separators
  • Cell manufacturing training for customers and partners 


Further information

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