Forming Processes

Forming is essential for materials to unfold their target properties in the end product. The forming method must be carefully selected to match the given material and the target application. Often, the method has to be adapted and the actual process controlled. The Fraunhofer ISC has a vast array of forming methods available at its sites in Würzburg, Bayreuth and Alzenau and so covers a wide range of materials, dimensions, and geometries.


Current R&D priorities

  • Powder and particle manufacturing
  • Fiber fabrication
  • Manufacturing of films
  • Coating and structuring methods
  • Free-form designs (e.g. additive manufacturing/3D printing, direct laser writing)
  • Press and cast moulding of components
  • Hot moulding of specialty glass
  • Forming process by extrusion
  • Spinning of viscous spin mass to biocompatible filaments


Our competencies

  • Wet-chemical routes for the forming of particles, powders, fibers, films and foils as well as three-dimensional bodies or structures
  • Various fiber manufacturing methods
  • Processing of textile ceramic fibers
  • Prepregs for ceramic fiber composites
  • Dry pressing, isostatic pressing
  • Casting methods
  • Injection moulding
  • PU based resin injection moulding (3K RTM)
  • Encapsulation methods
  • Extrusion
  • Infiltration methods
  • Near net shaping
  • 3D printing of hybrid polymers, ceramics and metal-ceramics composites
  • Surface structuring


Our services to customers

  • Selection of suitable forming processes for target applications
  • Adaptation of material and surface properties
  • Process development, simulation and optimization
  • Design and construction of demonstrators
  • Design and construction of pilot plants
  • Implementation into production
  • Characterization and testing
  • Components as negative mold
  • Individual manufacturing (e.g. patient-specific medical products) and small series
  • Components for end-use applications

Further information

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Find out more about ceramic forming processes on the website of our Fraunhofer Center for High Temperatur Materials and Design HTL.


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