The materials class of ORMOCER® – inorganic-organic hybrid polymers developed at the Fraunhofer ISC 20 years ago – still holds enormous potential for future applications. These hybrid polymers are wet-chemically synthesized by nanotechnology. The know-how for their synthesis as well as for their functionalization and processing has been continuously advanced and ORMOCER®s have already been adapted to match a wide variety of applications.


Material properties

Properties like transparency, hardness or thermal/chemical stability are determined by the inorganic network. By crosslinking it with an organic network it is possible to adapt properties like toughness, to improve the processability or the functionality. By adding functional groups, further properties can be specifically tailored, including elasticity, surface energy or gas permeability. Their unique adaptability is the major advantage of ORMOCER® materials and renders them attractive for all kinds of technical applications.


Range of applications


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