Current projects



TheraVision – Innovative therapy against cancer

In the project »TheraVision«, five
Fraunhofer Institutes want to achieve the
goal of establishing a widely applicable
platform technology for innovative,
sustainable cancer therapy that
combines cancer-destroying viruses and
immunotherapy. The activation of the
immune system against the degenerated
tumor cells is a novel and promising
therapeutical approach.



IE4B – Batteries for
future e-cars

The aim of the project is to create a next generation of traction batteries for electric cars. Unlike today's conventional lithium-ion cells, these should only consist of solids and no longer contain flammable liquid
electrolytes. Such battery cells bring a
significantly improved reliability, but also
benefits in size and weight.


Research of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

CarryPore – New
material for better
cell reproduction

The Fraunhofer ISC pursues material-based
approaches to make the propagation of
relevant cell lines more cost-effective and
better reproducible. The specially developed
magnetic glasses are processed into fine
glass flakes with defined porosity. In a
nutrient solution, the cells can proliferate
easily on the three-dimensional pore



APRONA – Automated production of

One of the challenges in the synthesis of nanoparticles are manufacturing processes that ensure reproducible product properties and meet medical requirements. Especially the production of biofunctionalized nanoparticles benefits from the automation of the process.



Battery 2030+ Initiative for battery revolution

The European research initiative
»Battery 2030+« brings together leading
scientists and companies from Europe to
make significant advances in battery science
and technology. Advanced batteries can
not only reduce the CO2 footprint of the
transport sector, but also stabilize the
power grid.



Switch2Save – Energy efficiency through smart windows

Smart glasses, such as electrochromic and
thermochromic windows, allow the
regulation of heat radiation into the building
at the touch of a button. They enable the
reduction of heating and air-conditioning
requirements of large buildings. In the
EU project »Switch2Save«, smart glasses
and the associated manufacturing processes
are being optimized.



UltraCare – Controlled release of active

With the help of drug carriers, the intention is to fight diseases locally right at their nidus in the body and, by this, support the cure more efficiently than before. In the frame
of the Discover Project we succeeded in
developing a promising biodegradable and
bio-compatible carrier system for controlled drug release.



BISYKA – Synthetic
rubber better than
natural rubber

Synthetically produced rubber has so far not
reached the natural product in terms of
abrasion and tear resistance.
But the resource rubber tree is limited.
In the project »BISYKA« a synthetic rubber
has been developed which has better
properties than natural rubber.



LEA – Large European Antenna

Earth observation and telecommunication missions require larger space reflectors to transmit the necessary bandwidth of signals. The textile surface of the unfolded reflector screen must be both durable and ensure trouble-free signal transmission in space. This requires research on suitable joining technologies.