The surfaces of today’s materials and products are usually finished by structuring or coating to meet the target requirements of the intended application. Once modified, surface properties define a product’s service life, quality and looks while at the same time providing protection, pleasing haptics or functionality. The Fraunhofer ISC develops solutions for a wide variety of applications on the basis of sol-gel coatings and respective structuring methods for industry and research. The portfolio includes the development of materials and processing techniques as well as contract synthesis on pilot scale or quality control tasks in existing production processes.


Further information

Current R&D priorities

  • Protective, barrier and functional coatings for metal, glass and plastics
  • Structuring techniques for hybrid
    polymers, glass, ceramics
  • Active surfaces – electrochromic,
    photocatalytically active or with integrated sensors
  • Surface analysis


  • Development of materials and processing techniques
  • Development of additives
  • Surface analytics
  • Pre- and post-treatment
  • Wet-chemical cost-efficient coatings including their application
  • Structuring of materials
  • Implementation into production

Services to customers

  • Customized protective and functional coatings for various substrates and surface designs
  • Surface structuring according to customer specification
  • Prototypes and demonstrators
  • Pilot syntheses and painting, small batch production
  • Consulting
  • Testing of coatings and failure analyses – fast and confidential

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Martin Peters

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Dr. Martin Peters

Head of Cluster Materials Chemistry

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Gerhard Domann

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Gerhard Domann

Head of CeSMA

Fraunhofer-Institut für Silicatforschung ISC
Neunerplatz 2
97082 Würzburg, Germany

Phone +49 931 4100-551