A reliable supply of energy, its efficient storage and sustainable use are key challenges for our present-day generation and those to come. The Fraunhofer ISC with its R&D centers and groups works to develop intelligent thermal management solutions, efficient energy storage options and energy converter systems. Their research is supported by process simulations, novel measurement techniques, advanced analyses and in-house expertise.

All about battery research

Development, testing and optimization of materials, components and processes for batteries

With more than 25 years of experience, the Fraunhofer R&D Center for Electromobility Bavaria (FZEB) offers B2B services for future lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technologies (polymer and solid state), advanced lead-acid (LAB) and high-energy batteries, and electrochromic systems. With more than 30 experts, it is one of the largest battery research groups in Germany. The R&D center is the successful extension of the Center for Applied Electrochemistry.

Fraunhofer R&D Center for Electromobility Bavaria (FZEB)

Developments in thermal management

Optimize thermal processes through the development of high-temperature materials, high-temperature components and high-temperature measurement methods

The Fraunhofer Center for High Temperature Materials and Design HTL designs energy-efficient thermal processes and thus contributes to sustainable technological progress in society. In doing so, HTL works with systematic methods at a high scientific/technical level with the primary goal of implementing the developments in industry.

Fraunhofer Center for High Temperature Materials and Design HTL



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  • Development of battery materials and components for stationary storage systems, mobile applications and electromobility
  • Dust-repellent coatings for a more efficient yield of solar panels, solar thermal energy, and insulators
  • Elastomer generators for a decentralized energy supply
  • Encapsulated water-based phase change materials
  • Barrier coatings for encapsulated organic solar cells


  • Fiber-reinforced ceramic materials to substitute metal in high temperature applications (Center HTL in Bayreuth)
  • Simulation and analysis of thermal processes to improve their energy efficiency (Center HTL in Bayreuth)
  • Development of thermo-optical measuring (TOM) systems to analyze material behavior at temperatures above 2000 °C under variable gas atmospheres, climatic conditions, and pressures