Fiber Manufacturing and Processing

The Fraunhofer ISC develops materials and optimizes technologies for the manufacturing and processing of fibers. Functional fiber materials are used for a variety of applications in different sectors:

  • Ceramic lightweight construction
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Hollow fiber membranes


Current R&D priorities

  • Reinforcing fibers – mechanical properties, temperature stability, textile fiber processing, pre-preg manufacturing
  • Hollow fibers – porous, dense, thick and thin continuous fibers
  • Bioresorbable fibers and fiber fleece materials (Silica gel fiber fleeces and TiPLA-fiber)


Base materials

  • Solid and liquid sol-gel precursors
  • Preceramic polymers
  • Hybrid polymers
  • Glass


Our competencies

Different methods and technologies are available at the Fraunhofer ISC for the manufacturing and processing of fibers, including:

  • Melt spinning
  • Dry spinning
  • Wet spinning
  • Electric spinning
  • Coating of fibers
  • Heat treatment (sintering, pyrolysis)
  • Drawing of specialty glass


Our services to customers

  • Selection of materials and processes to match target application
  • Materials development and adaption
  • Process adjustment and optimization
  • Sampling
  • Small batch and pilot-scale production
  • Analysis tasks during the development stage and in production


Further information

To find out more about our services, please visit the website of our Center for High Temperature Materials and Design HTL.

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