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The surface properties of materials are decisive for the possible applications, longevity and quality assurance of many products.

Appearance, colour, corrosion behaviour, electrical conductivity, wetting behaviour, biological interactions, adhesion of coatings and many other properties are essentially determined by surface chemistry.

The Center for Applied Analytics ZAA offers an extensive portfolio of advanced techniques for the characterization of coatings and surfaces made of glass, ceramics, metals or (hybrid) polymers. The methods are intelligently combined and solution-oriented interpreted in the overall context of your requirements.

In addition, we have modern methods for sample preparation: ion beam preparation (focused ion beam technology), investigation of nanolayers and advice on analytical methods and interpretation of the results.

More information can be found at our german website Analytical Services.

Determination ...

... of chemical composition
... of surface topography
... of electrical conductivity
... of mechanical properties and
    abrasion resistance
... of internal structure of layers
... of interfaces between films
    and substrate

Determination ...

... of surface contamination
... of resistance to weathering (e.g. light intensity / UV resistance, corrosion etc.)...
... of transmission and light scattering
... of micro-hardness
... of roughness values
... of layer thicknesses
... of wetting angle

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Jürgen Meinhardt

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Dr. Jürgen Meinhardt

Head of Cluster Services

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Alexander Reinholdt

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Dr. Alexander Reinholdt

Head of Center for Applied Analytics

Fraunhofer-Institut für Silicatforschung ISC
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97082 Würzburg, Germany

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