Coating and Surface Analysis

The surface properties of a material significantly influence a product’s range of application, lifespan and longterm quality. Look, color, corrosion behavior, electrical conductivity, wetting behavior, biological interactivity or adhesion capability are among the many properties essentially determined by surface chemistry. The Center for Applied Analytics offers a broad portfolio of advanced analysis and characterization services for coatings and surfaces of glass, ceramics, metal or (hybrid) polymers. Required methods are combined for the optimum solution to the problem at hand and results are comprehensively interpreted in respect of the given overall context.

Our services to customers

  • Determination of
    • Chemical composition
    • Surface topography
    • Electrical conductivity
    • Mechanical properties and abrasion resistance
    • Interior coating structure
    • Film/substrate interfaces
    • Surface contaminations
    • Weather resistance (light/UV/humidity/corrosion resistance, etc.)
    • Transmission and light scattering
    • Micro hardness
    • Roughness parameters
    • Coating/film thickness
    • Wetting angle of contact
  • State-of-the-art sample preparation: Focused ion beam technology
  • Nanofilm examination
  • Consulting on selection of analysis methods and interpretation of acquired data

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