Cultural Heritage Preservation and Environmental Analysis

How do climatic and environmental influences
affect materials and coatings?

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With particular environmental analysis solutions, the Fraunhofer ISC is investigating the effects of climatic conditions and environmental influences on materials or coatings of cultural objects.

In order to protect historical buildings, cultural assets and art objects, the causes of damage must be investigated and the options for protecting against further damage must be explored.

The Fraunhofer ISC Department for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Preservation IZKK creates the interface between forward-looking technology and classical preservation of historical monuments.

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Thermo-optical measuring system
for climate monitoring

  • Online determination of heat, cold and moisture influence on materials
  • Non-contact and non-destructive measurement
  • Controlled cold/heat and humidity cycles
  • Complex components and geometries can be examined
  • Damage characterization

Cultural property protection & conservation

  • Preservation of historical glasses, ceramics, metal objects, enamels, glazes or mosaics
  • Modern damage analysis (glass, fibre corrosion) and production of model substrates, e.g. for simulation of damage phenomena
  • Development of new preservative materials and methods, such as ORMOCER® lacquers
  • Accelerated weathering in the climatic chamber for realistic tests and analyses

Glass dosimeter for
environmental monitoring

  • Highly sensitive glass sensors for monitoring climatic conditions
  • Adjustable to ambient conditions and area of application
  • Fast and comprehensive analysis and interpretation of measurement results
  • Suitable for (exhibition) showcases, depot rooms, transport boxes or containers, industrial plants, exterior protective glazing

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