Environmental Analysis

The Fraunhofer ISC researches environmental impacts and climate effects on buildings and products and works to create a link between novel approaches to safeguard cultural heritage and more traditional preservation efforts. The point of contact is the International Convention Center for Cultural Heritage Preservation.

Klima-TOM (thermooptical measuring device) for climate monitoring

  • On-line measuring of the influence of heat, cold and humidity on given materials (glass, glass ceramics, ceramics, metal)
  • Non-contact, non-destructive measuring method
  • Controlled cold, heat and humidity cycles
  • Suitable to examine components of complex geometries
  • Exact optical determination of expansion, curvature and swelling behavior
  • Examination of composites combining materials with different expansion coefficients
  • Detection of critical parameters and states
  • Damage characterization


Cultural heritage protection and preservation

  • Preservation of historic objects made of glass, ceramics or metal, also mosaics, enamel and glazings
  • State-of-the-art damage analysis (glass and fiber corrosion) and manufacturing of model substrates, e.g. to simulate damage phenomena
  • Development of novel preservation materials and methods, such as e.g. ORMOCER® varnish
  • Accelerated weathering in climate chambers for near-reality testing and analysis, mechanical stress tests


Glass dosimeters for environmental monitoring tasks

  • Ultra-sensitive glass sensors for the monitoring of climate conditions such as temperature, relative humidity, light or corrosive gas exposure
  • Adjustable to relevant ambient conditions and intended purposes
  • Fast and comprehensive analysis and interpretation of acquired data
  • Suitable for display cases, storage rooms, transport boxes or containers, industrial plants, exterior protective glazings


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