Standard silicones are not suitable for just any application. The Center Smart Materials and Adaptive Systems CeSMA offers customized materials solutions on the basis of standard raw materials for target applications in automotive, electronics, engineering, aerospace, energy or medical products. Backed by many years of experience, CeSMA is familiar with each and every chemical and technical aspect of smart materials, especially with a view to sensors and actuators.


Adjustment of material properties

  • Processing properties (potlife, viscosity)
  • Mechanical properties (Youngs‘s modulus, viscoelastic properties, fatigue strength)
  • Electrical properties (conductivity, dielectric strength)
  • Optical properties (transparency, color)



  • Development of tailor-made silicones for customer-specific applications
  • Adjustment of materials to existing processes
  • Development of new processes
  • Process optimization to save material and production costs
  • Silicone analysis
  • Market research and consulting


Further information

Find out more about our silicone materials on the CeSMA website.

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