Dental Applications

The Fraunhofer ISC has long-standing experience with the transfer of novel dental materials to application. Today’s cost pressure in the healthcare system, aggravated by the demographic change, can only be faced with affordable alternative materials, chairside systems and new bioactive materials that ensure a tailored dental management for any age group.

Dental hybrid materials

  • Functionalized and (bio-)active restorative materials (restoration, prophylaxis, regeneration) and dental prostheses
  • Application-adapted, monomer-free materials, (nano-hybrid) composites, glass ionomer cements
  • Adhesives (self-etch or total-etch)
  • Materials for direct and indirect restoration (filling, crown, etc.)
  • Application-related chemical and physical characterization
  • Structuring and imaging procedures (including 3D-printing, CAD/CAM)
  • Filler synthesis
  • Dental restoration and prophylaxis materials: Dental ORMOCER®s form the basis of the filling composite ceram.x®, the restoration and prophylaxis system Admira® and the newly developed products Admira® Fusion, Admira® Fusion x-tra und Admira® Fusion x-base, all available on the market


Dental glass ceramics

  • Adjustable translucency (partial transparency)
  • Adjustable mechanical properties (e.g. strength and polishing behavior)
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Intermediate stage can be mechanically processed easily and rapidly and can be processed to glass ceramics in a short tempering step
  • Commercially available by the names of Suprinity® and Celtra® since the end of 2013

If you have any specific questions or suggestions concerning our dental materials, please contact us – we look forward to helping you implement your ideas!

Video Admira Fusion

The cooperation of Voco and Fraunhofer ISC resulted in the first universal dental filling material world-wide. It was made possible by the innovative combination of the established nano hybrid technology with the ORMOCER® technology developed by Fraunhofer ISC.

Link youtube-video Admira Fusion (Cooperation of Voco and Fraunhofer ISC)