Annual report 2021/2022 of the Fraunhofer ISC

YOUR COFFEE BREAK READING − of course coffee!

In our 2021/2022 annual report, you will find projects dedicated to the topic of "Sustainable Research", because:

Annual Report 2021+2022 Fraunhofer ISC
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A clean and sustainable future starts with the material

This approach is reflected in numerous developments and research tasks in our daily work. Materials science helps to recover valuable raw materials, recycle them or replace them with sustainable alternatives. Whether in the field of PV modules for solar power systems or batteries for electromobility, the need for functional materials is placing new demands on the resources necessary for a sustainable energy transition to succeed. But many other (life) areas such as medicine, agriculture or food production also need to be considered from this perspective and optimized materials and processes developed.

Cautious use of resources

We have also given sustainability top priority in the printing of our annual report. Naturally, we refrain from using varnishes and other finishes, but now we have even opted for a paper made from - yes you read correctly - COFFEE RESERVE. This means that the coffee carton significantly reduces the amount of water and resources used in its production. The inner paper is made of 100% recycled paper, FSC-certified and has been awarded the Blue Angel and the EU Ecolabel. You can request the printed version directly below. Just the right read with a hot, aromatic cup of coffee!


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We are working on energy-efficient processes as well as regenerative forms of energy conversion: from autonomous sensors to new efficient solar cells to optimized, power-saving manufacturing processes.


Greener batteries of the future

Battery recycling, future-oriented components, and processes and regeneration of functional materials: research for a greener battery value chain.


Fraunhofer vs. Corona

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's large-scale in-house research program with a volume of 20 million euros for rapid successes against Corona - e.g. through improved detection capabilities and faster drug identification.


Research for people and environment

Sustainable research or research for sustainable products: diverse topics such as microplastics in agriculture or environmentally friendly food production.


Initial research

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft promotes preliminary research through its internal programs - here are a few brief notes on selected projects currently in progress.


Organization and Board of Trustees of Fraunhofer ISC.



Numbers, Data, Facts

Staff and Budget 2021 in figures - and did you know that the ISC relies 100% on electricity from renewable sources in its properties?