Annual report 2020+2021 of the Fraunhofer ISC

Annual Report 2020+2021 Fraunhofer ISC
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Making more out of fewer resources is becoming an increasingly important goal for humanity. Consumption and population growth increase, but the reserves that our planet holds are naturally finite.

A paradigm shift is needed - also to create fair living conditions for all. Growth and prosperity must be decoupled from resource consumption. Research and innovation must work on this even more than before. In this annual report, we have compiled many examples of how we are already making progress along this path with our materials research - from the responsible use of the vital element water to resource-saving printed electronics on paper.


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Replacing plastic or making it fit for recycling - packaging, agriculture, printed electronics.



Using and storing energy more efficiently, reducing CO2 emissions - solar energy, battery materials, building materials, turbines, high-temperature materials.



Conserve critical raw materials and other resources through more sustainable materials and processes - including flame-retardants, process water, electroplating, 3D printing, and animal-testing replacements.


Review 2020/2021

A brief overview of what else we have been up to in 2020/2021.

Honors, visits and project notes.


Initial research

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft promotes preliminary research through its internal programs - here are a few brief notes on selected projects currently in progress.


Organization and Board of Trustees of Fraunhofer ISC.



Numbers, Data, Facts

Staff and Budget 2020 in figures - and did you know that the ISC relies 100% on electricity from renewable sources in its properties?