Polymers / Hybrid Polymers

Based on sol-gel technology, the Fraunhofer ISC designs customized polymers and hybrid polymers for a wide range of specifications. Our R&D portfolio covers novel materials and their processing as well as contract manufacturing or quality control in existing production processes. The tuning of hybrid polymers to the desired property profile takes place on the molecular level. A targeted selection of monomer or polymer precursors and suitable adjustment of individual process parameters allows to design multifunctional materials for almost any kind of application.


Current R&D priorities

  • Silicate or metal alkoxide based hybrid polymers
  • Bioresorbable bioORMOCER®s
  • Biodegradable inorganic-organic hybrid polymers (ORMOCER®s)
  • Silicones
  • Dental materials


Our competencies

  • Development of new materials and their processing
  • Development of additives, particle synthesis
  • Integration into existing production processes
  • Recycling technology
  • Analyses in R&D and production


Our R&D services

  • Customized materials with multifunctional property profiles
  • Synthesis upscaling to pilot scale
  • Demonstrator and prototype development
  • Adapting material and processing properties to existing production processes
  • Consulting
  • Quality control


Sample applications

  • Multifunctional particles, e.g. for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, or in construction materials
  • Packaging with barrier coatings made of bioORMOCER®
  • Dental
  • Optics
  • Electronics


Further information

Find out more about the materials class of ORMOCER®.

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