Workshop  /  July 07, 2016

»The Nanoparticle Kitchen – Particles and functions à la carte«

You want to know what nanoparticles and nanoechnology provide for your products and processes? But you don't want to set up an infrastructure for preparation and modification of nanoparticles “just on luck”?

Visit the workshop "The Nanoparticle Kitchen – Particles and Functions à la carte" in Wuerzburg, Germany, July 7 2016 and get answers to your questions regarding nanotechnology. The workshop, organized by the partners of the EU-funded project CoPilot, gives an insight view of the many new functionalization and applications of tailored nanoparticles. Join the lab tour of the "Nanoparticle Kitchen", listen to the presentations of research institutes, project executing organizations and industry and discuss your ideas with experts. Nanoparticles offer many options for today's and tomorrow's products.

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