10 good reasons to work for Fraunhofer

  • Attractive employer
    In 2016, engineering students voted the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft to be one of the ten most attractive employers in Germany.
    (Source: trendence Graduate Barometer 2016 - Engineering Edition)

  • Good reputation
    All employees are well-qualified and take a problem-oriented approach to their work.

  • People skills
    Every individual is a team member – this promotes social skills and encourages communication, particularly where flat hierarchies are the norm.

  • Research freedom
    Assuming they fall within the overarching framework of research policy guidelines and the Institute’s general orientation, ideas can be turned into products, theories into practice.

  • Qualification for a professional role
    Graduates can qualify for a responsible position in industry in an application-oriented working environment. Fraunhofer’s Institutes work closely with this sector and each year an average of ten percent of staff move across to industry.

  • Doctorate subjects
    Projects provide good doctorate subjects.

  • Continuing education
    Fraunhofer invests money in qualification through continuing education. eLearning, vocational training and continuing professional development seminars are designed and organized for all employees.

  • Good working conditions
    New entrant surveys say it all: best laboratory equipment, excellent working atmosphere, attractive assignments, high level of personal responsibility and measures to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

  • Springboard to start your own business
    Fraunhofer provides advice, support and helps with equipment if you wish to start your own spin-off business.