Fraunhofer Translational Center Regenerative Therapies

The Fraunhofer Translational Center for Regenerative Therapies TLZ-RT, part of the Fraunhofer ISC, develops new cell-based tissue models and test systems, scalable production processes and biological vascularized implants up to prototype level.

The aim is to speed up the implementation and/or combination of results from current materials research and tissue engineering in preclinical and clinical applications, in close cooperation with partners from medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Within this framework, we perform contract-based research for companies as well as for hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and research facilities.

Creativity and capability have us head in new directions to design novel high end products in regenerative medicine. Due to our application-oriented research we serve customers from numerous industrial companies and are in a position to gain public funding. For the development of innovative enabling technologies, we cooperate with several universities and non-university research facilities worldwide.

As a Translational Center for Regenerative Therapies we take pride in offering an exceptionally broad and versatile range of services, starting from risk assessment of compounds, the product development of new cell-based transplants and medical products, continuing with preclinical studies and reaching up to manufacturing authorization.

Find out more about our work and range of services in our general brochure about Fraunhofer Translational Center (pdf).