Hybrid Conference  /  September 24, 2024  -  September 26, 2024

MSE 2024: International Materials Science and Engineering Congress

Shaping the future of materials together

MSE, organized by the DGM, is one of the most important European events in the field of materials science and engineering. It takes place every two years and is not only a congress, but also a celebration of innovation and inspiration. This year, however, it is even more special, as the guest country is Sweden - a pioneer in materials science.

The following topics will be discussed in the symposia:

  • Biomaterials
  • Characterization
  • Digital Transformation
  • Functional Materials, Surfaces and Devices
  • Circular Materials
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Processing and Synthesis
  • Structural Materials

Dr. Carsten Gellermann together with Prof. Gesa Beck, Prof. Hesham Ahmed and Dr. Moritz to Baben will organize the symposium I01: Circular Materials and Materials Circularity for a Sustainable Future: Challenges & Opportunities - General Symposium Topic I.

The symposium offers an in-depth insight into circular economy strategies and bridges the gap between the challenges of today and the solutions of tomorrow. Using case studies - from the efficient manufacture of products designed for the circular economy to innovative R-strategies such as re-recycling or re-manufacturing - participants will gain important insights into the sustainable use of materials. The comprehensive assessment of the sustainability of circular technologies and concepts will also be part of this symposium.