Workshop  /  June 21, 2023  -  June 22, 2023

Workshop "Smart sensor batteries and the future battery generation"

Faster charging, longer performance stability not only for electric vehicles - this is what the European research project SPARTACUS aims to achieve. By using novel sensors and cell management systems, SPARTACUS aims to reduce charging times by up to 20 percent without compromising battery reliability and lifetime. The European Union is funding SPARTACUS as part of the BATTERY 2030+ research initiative.

On June 21 and 22, 2023, the SPARTACUS consortium invites to a workshop in San Sebastián to present the results obtained in the project. San Sebastián is headquarters of SPARTACUS partner CIDETEC Energy Storage. There, the SPARTACUS partners will present the most important results on innovative sensor technologies for Li-ion batteries, and representatives from the industrial and supplier industry will provide insight into current trends.


The workshop will convey the state of the art and the options available for sensor-based real-time measurement of the internal operating state of cells and adapted BMS/CMS concepts. The sensor-based measurements, analysis, and models will form the basis for algorithms to maximize battery performance and lifetime.


Day 1 of the workshop will focus on industry advances and requirements (sensing, self-healing, etc.). The SPARTACUS team is pleased to welcome the MUBIL initiative, SEAT, IRIZAR, IDNEO, IVECO and SPARTACUS Industry Advisory Board members ELTEK, TUKE, VERCOR as well as Prof. Kristina Edström, coordinator of the European Battery Initiative 2030+ to discuss trends in the automotive and supplier industry for future smart and sensory batteries.

Day 2 will provide insight into the results of the SPARTACUS project, as well as into the main results of the sister projects in BATTERY 2030+ and other thematically related H2020 projects in the field of battery sensing.


We look forward to your registration and participation.