Online Conference free of charge  /  November 08, 2022, 24 Stunden Non-Stop

Hydrogen Online Conference

The Hydrogen Online Conference offers 24 hours of topical and inspiring content from hydrogen experts and industry leaders. They present the successful use of innovative hydrogen technologies, new research approaches and their application in practice.

In online showrooms, well-known research institutes and companies offer to learn about their latest developments and processes on the topic of hydrogen economy and to exchange ideas directly with the experts.

The Fraunhofer ISC research team will present the following topics:

  • Physical, chemical and electrochemical characterization of the microstructure and properties of materials for hydrogen applications
  • Patented hydrogen indicator (H2 indicator superparticles)
  • Upscaling and the optimization of synthesis processes of gasochromic sensor particles, screening of catalysts, etc.
  • Thermo-optical in-situ dilatometry analysis of materials in hydrogen atmosphere
  • Hydrogen treatment at higher temperatures for subsequent material analysis of the influence of hydrogen
  • Barrier coatings against the migration of oxygen and hydrogen