Hybrid Event  /  September 26, 2022  -  September 28, 2022

EUSAAT Congress 2022

3R: Replace, Reduce and Refine

Active commitment to the protection of laboratory animals according to the 3R principle

The annual congress provides an opportunity to share scientific experiences on alternatives to the use of animals in the life sciences, to learn about the EU's 3Rs policy, and to discuss new approaches to implementing the 3Rs in academic education at the European and international levels.

The EUSAAT Congress virtual seminar series serves as a free online alternative. Sessions will cover all 3Rs areas and provide an overview of the latest topics and findings. All lectures will be given on Zoom by renowned and younger researchers.

The three-day congress will cover topics from various 3R areas, such as:

  • 3R policy and 3R centers
  • Covid-19 pandemic and 3R
  • Developmental neurotoxicity and ecotoxicology
  • Emerging technologies

Fraunhofer ISC will be represented at EUSAAT 2022 on September 28 with the following presentations:

  • Dr. Tobias Weigel: »3D multi-layered epithelial models based on animal free fibrous scaffolds«

  • Dr. Christian Lotz: »Focus on efficacy: In vitro tissue models for preclinical research«

  • Nicola Knetzger: »Impedance Spectroscopy as tool to determine concentration-dependent eye irritation effects«