Hybrid Event  /  September 13, 2022  -  September 14, 2022

Battery Innovation Days 2022

Batteries − key technologies for less CO2 emission and more sustainability

At the Battery Innovation Days, specialists from industry and research will present cutting-edge technologies from the fields of battery materials, cell design, manufacturing and recycling, as well as their potential applications. The two-day conference on the theme of co-creating a more responsible battery value chain will discuss sub-areas including:

  • Battery passport
  • Digital twins for manufacturing
  • Improving BMS architectures in the automotive industry
  • Development of post-lithium-ion battery technologies, and much more


The Fraunhofer ISC research team will present intelligent sensors for future fast-charging batteries through the EU project "SPARTACUS". The aim of this project is to develop a multifunctional sensor array technology for different battery types in combination with an advanced battery management system that ensures improved charging behavior and maximum battery life.