Free Online Workshop  /  April 29, 2021

Inorganic particles as multifunctional objects: synthesis, processing and examples of upscaling from lab to pilot

To meet the ever-increasing demands on materials, researchers have to demonstrate diversified functionalities of individual components such as particle-based fillers. Multifunctionality can be generated via the targeted assembly of individual particles into complex structural units. Due to the new arrangement of the basic building blocks, these so-called supraparticles have the potential for new and extended functionalities/properties. In this workshop, the scientific and technological aspects of the synthesis, upscaling and application of these supraparticles will be discussed.

The workshop arises from the EIT KIC Raw Materials Up-scaling project Safer Reduction of ZnO amount in Rubber Vulcanization Process – SAFE-VULCA and it is addressed to PhD students and academic and industrial researchers interested in the field of complex materials.