Biotechnology and Pharma

The multidisciplinary nature of the Fraunhofer ISC and its highly sophisticated infrastructure offer ideal R&D conditions for tomorrow’s medical devices. The Health Unit, the Fraunhofer group ATTRACT "3DNanoCell" and the Fraunhofer Translational Center "Regenerative therapies for cancer and musculo-skeletal diseases" foster close cooperation between their teams of biologists, chemists, materials scientists and physicists.

Current R&D priorities

Development of multifunctional particle systems

  • ORMOBEAD®: doped calcium fluoride particles and magnetic particle systems
  • For personalized therapy-accompanying in-vitro and in-vivo diagnostics and/or different types of medical imaging
  • For individualized therapeutic approaches with ORMOBEAD® as a carrier of medical or therapeutic agents for controlled drug release
  • Specific particle surface functionalization / bio-functionalization

Development of materials for tissue engineering

  • Freely structurable cell-specific 2D and 3D scaffolds in the nm-to-mm range for tissue engineering
  • Application-specific 3D environments for the screening of agents on live cells
  • Scaffolds enabling companion diagnostics

Development of materials for implants

  • Specific surface functionalization for individualized and active implants
  • Modification and biologization of implant surfaces
  • Material systems: Silica gel fiber fleeces, TiPLA-fiber, ORMOCER®s


Our range of competencies

  • Wet-chemical particle synthesis (inorganic and hybrid materials)
  • Fibrous 3D scaffolds
  • Structuring methods: 2-photon polymerization (TPP), nano-imprint, UV lithography, 3D printing
  • Particle characterization with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Simulation tools and analytical routines for interpretation of acquired analysis data
  • Imaging Center: infrastructure for in-vitro investigation of interactions between live cells and materials and/or agents, imaging procedures
  • Consulting services and support in the planning and implementation of pre-clinical and clinical studies


Our services to customers

  • Tailor-made synthesis of particles with specific properties
  • Comprehensive characterization of particles
  • Implant development
  • Surface functionalization and bio-functionalization of particles and implants
  • Structuring methods for surfaces and 3D structures
  • Biochemical analyses and analyses of cell behavior, agent screening as well as interpretation of acquired analysis data
  • Biocompatibility tests
  • Concept and design of tailored bioreactors

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